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Digital Marketing Agency In Canada

Digital marketing has become a core function for all businesses since local SEO has become a reality thanks to Google. Digital marketing agencies are now competing for Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs). They are eyeing organic reach, which is the currency of the digital world.

Digital agencies are replacing digital marketers for small and midsize businesses, due to their better resources.

It does indeed take time, effort, and a proper digital marketing strategy to start a digital business. If you fall short on any aspect, you will fail. The first step to developing a digital marketing strategy is to hire the finest digital marketing agency.

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for the best digital marketing agency in Canada. This article provides a brief overview of the top digital marketing agencies in Canada. If you want to increase your performance on social media or get more eyeballs through search engines, you are sure to find the right agency for your business, right here.

Let’s get started!

What is Digital Marketing?

Let’s first define what digital marketing is. A digital marketer uses marketing channels like social media, search, email, and mobile app technologies to sell products and services. It is basically any form of marketing that uses electronic devices.

It can be done online and offline, and in fact, both kinds are important for a well-rounded digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy is a marketing plan that is implemented to retain and raise the market position.

This includes:

  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing Approach
  • Brand Awareness/Product Information
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Establishment

The Digital Marketing Strategy includes some of the key social media, such as SEO, Video Production, and Social Media Marketing, etc.

The internet has made it imperative for businesses to expand their outreach through online marketing and stand out from the competition. This is particularly true in Canada. People are increasingly going online due to better accessibility and the recent pandemic that has changed our lives. 

Small and large companies across Canada are realizing the benefits of providing their services online. Consequently, they are looking for professionals to help them market their businesses online.

To meet the increasing demand for digital marketers, marketing agencies are popping up all over Canada. Nevertheless, most of these marketing agencies are relatively new, and they hire inexperienced workers who cannot deliver high-quality work. 

We have compiled a list of ten marketing agencies in Canada that we believe are the best in the industry to help Canadians find the best agency for their business.

Digital Marketing Agencies in Canada

During the past few years, Canada has emerged as a global powerhouse in the digital marketing sphere. Digital agencies in the country are now offering their services to small and medium-sized businesses. Let’s check out some of the best digital marketing agencies in Canada.

Local SEO Search

Local SEO Search is a digital marketing agency in Canada that offers SEO and digital marketing services. It has worked with some of the largest clients in Canada. The company is known for its outstanding digital marketing services. Moreover, the company offers a wide range of services, including link building, social media creation and management, technical audits, content writing, and public relations (PR).

Services: SEO, Pay per click, enterprise marketing, google ads, facebook ads


SEOPlus is a Canadian digital marketing agency that has won many marketing awards for its services. For its clients, the company is dedicated to developing and implementing comprehensive online marketing strategies. It serves a multitude of digital channels while focusing on lead generation, sales strategy, and business growth. SEOPlus is known for its transparency and real-time results for clients.

Services: SEO, Pay per click, digital marketing, google ads, face book ads

Social Media 55

Social Media 55 is one of the fastest-growing social media marketing agencies in Canada. The company strives to grow and scale businesses with the power of social media management and marketing. It has recently started offering even more services including performance marketing and search engine optimization. Social media 55 is the perfect agency for all businesses that mainly sell their products and services through social media channels. The company caters to all types of businesses and facilitates them to seamlessly engage with their target audience.

Services: SEO, Pay per click, influencer marketing, content marketing, branding and media, google ads, facebook ads etc.


THP is a leading software and media buying company based in Canada. It is known for its quality social media, content, and video production services. It is run and managed by managers and marketers in North America and the United Kingdom. It aims to create easy and affordable websites that can rank higher and generate more profits for its clients. Small and large businesses use the company’s services to enhance their bottom lines, increase their profitability, and improve their productivity.

Services: SEO, Pay per click, Video Production, Content marketing, google ads, facebook ads

3 Media Web

3 Media Web is a leading digital marketing agency in Canada focused on providing clients with websites, support, and digital growth. As a dependable, high-quality provider, and an expert when it comes to creating successful websites with WordPress, 3 Media Web has built a good reputation.

In addition to web design and development, the company offers SEO services as well.

Services: Web design, web development, SEO

Unified Infotech

Unified Infotech provides end-to-end software, web and mobile development solutions to global enterprises, SMEs, and forward-thinking startups.

They primarily work with large businesses and provide web app development, software development, and mobile app development services. They have been working with businesses for a while and have provided excellent results to their clients.

Services: Software development, web app development, mobile app development

Smart Sites

SmartSites is a top  website design and digital marketing agency in Canada, with a focus on search engine marketing (SEO & PPC). With the help of search engine optimization & pay-per-click, the company strives to grow and scale businesses around Canada. Mart Sites is a perfect agency for businesses that primarily need search engine optimization and PPC services. The company offers services to all types of businesses.

Services: SEO, pay-per-click, google ads, facebook ads.


Perhaps one of the most well known agencies on this list is WebFx. WebFX is a digital marketing agency providing comprehensive marketing solutions for firms of all sizes. They help companies improve their online presence.  

The company has worked with some of the top clients in the country. It is well known for its expertise in digital marketing. In addition to link building, social media creation and management, citations, content writing, technical audits, and public relations (PR), the company offers a great deal more.

Services: Link building, SEO, digital Marketing, Graphics design, content writing, web design & development, PPC, google ads, facebook ads and more.

Sure Oak

 Digital Marketing Agencies In Canada

Sure Oak is a full-service SEO firm that offers extensive digital marketing services in Canada. Through their priority marketing strategies, they help businesses rank higher and grow faster. They offer everything from content optimization to premium link building. 

Services: Link building, SEO, digital Marketing, Graphics design, content writing, web design & development, PPC and more.

Damex Digital

Last but certainly not least, is Damex Digital. Damex Digital is a full service digital marketing company covering services from graphics designing, SEO services, content writing, marketing campaigns, to web design & development, app development and more. With our digital marketing services, we help you reach a larger audience than you could through traditional methods, and target the prospects who are most likely to buy your product or service.

There are sparingly few agencies which provide digital marketing services to small and medium sized businesses which are growing and yet to have been well established. And those that do provide such services, tend to be subpar and of low quality.

Noticing this lack of quality digital marketing services for small and medium sized businesses, we founded Damex Digital. Damex was created with the sole intention to provide high-quality digital marketing services specifically catered towards serving small and medium sized businesses.

Although relatively new, we have defined our place within this crowded field of Digital Marketing and have managed to stand out amongst the numerous agencies with our well established reputation and our high-quality of work. If you require any digital marketing services don’t hesitate to contact us.

Services: Link building, SEO, digital Marketing, Graphics design, content writing, web design & development, PPC, google ads, facebook ads and

Final Words

By now you should have a firm grasp of all the top digital marketing companies in Canada. There are well-established companies that work with all sorts of clients. Our goal is to help you understand these agencies and their work so that you can easily get your job done.

Increase Your Outreach With Damex Digital!

As with all things, learning Digital strategy and using them to their fullest takes time. Precious time which you may not have due to other matters regarding your business, family or maybe you wish to use that time to produce more content, whatever the reason maybe. 

The shortage of time has resulted in most people neglecting or completely abandoning the idea of developing a comprehensive Digital Marketing strategy and optimizing their content based on that strategy.

The mistake they make is to think that they will attract customers as long as they put out their product in the market. They expect the customers to come to the.

That’s a huge mistake. Most people who do this either do not have a good sense of business or are just starting their business as such do not have the know-how’s.

You don’t wait for customers to come, you need to be proactive and attract your potential customers.

If you lack the time to develop a digital marketing strategy from the ground up, by yourself, you should hire professionals to do it for you! Damex Digital is a professional digital marketing agency based in Smithers, Canada providing comprehensive solutions to all your digital marketing problems.

With us you get highly skilled, professional strategy developers managing all aspects of your content roadmap and optimization. Leave the SEO and content optimization to us, while you take care of other matters pertaining to your business.

Get higher ROI, boost your conversion rates and increase your revenue with professional Digital Marketing services by Damex Digital!



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