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Content Writing Strategies To Increase Your Organic Ranking In 2022

Content Writing

Content. Traffic. Revenue.

These are the three things that truly matter. In your content marketing strategy, every other metric is secondary. You are more likely to increase traffic and revenue on your site if the content you have is useful. Due to this, both B2C and B2B companies are producing more content. State of Inbound reports that 41% of content marketers see a return on investment from their content creation.

Writing surprises me every time.

Writing for me is about helping readers improve their SEO and content marketing skills. In my writing, I’m aimed at helping organizations increase their organic traffic, leads, and revenues. Often though, I walk away with insights I can apply to my content to make it more engaging, useful, and interesting. To improve my own search engine results, I fine-tune my own SEO content.

Traffic, engagement, and conversion are driven by the right content. I quickly transform each insight I apply to my content creation into a replicable strategy when I see substantial results.

Content Writing

In this article, you’ll learn six ways to create content that will attract your target audience.

1. Align your tone to your target audience.

A tone of voice is something that gives your writing strength. You can use a formal, informal, intimate, serious, ironic, humorous, or ironic tone.

Knowing how to use voice and tone in writing will give you an edge over your competitors. There are too many content strategists who focus on SEO content, but these elements add flavor to your writing.

One reason why people struggle with capturing readers is because they don’t pay enough attention to the tone of their writing. So, people click on their titles and leave.

It is important to keep an audience and purpose in mind when writing. Even if your overall writing isn’t bad, the way that you deliver your value is crucial. Imagine yourself in the position of saying the words being written. Write for your audience to get them up in the morning – to inspire them with your content.  

It doesn’t matter how clever or knowledgeable you are. Have you ever wondered why it isn’t as common for university professors to write best-selling books? There are a number of reasons for this, including the complexity and dryness of academic writing. They have content, but they need better content strategies.

You shouldn’t write academic content if you are writing bestselling novels and nonfiction books. Use common English words. To avoid the word “famished,” write “hungry.” Forget “ubiquitous” – just write “everywhere.”

Writing content the way you speak is the sign of a good writer. Imagine that you are talking to one individual reader when you write your blog posts. Attract your target audience with your tone of voice and your vision. Engage with your users in your site and on social media, like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc, by responding to their questions.

Don’t write blog posts in a formal or professional voice. It may work for a few people, most likely those who value professionalism over relevant content, but the content marketing strategy will struggle to attract new readers.

The point of reading blogs or web content isn’t to appear clever. People want real solutions and answers to their problems. Engage them with fresh and entertaining content.

Content Writing

Stay on topic, find and use the right tone, and you’ll gain trust from your audience. Engage people and make them feel useful by being interesting. You can still write a step-by-step guide no matter what the topic is, even if it’s rocket science.

2. Content Writing Leverage third-party data and expand on it.

Typically, you can find third-party data on industry blogs or online publications, in videos, online courses, ebooks, etc. You have to take care how you use the data since it wasn’t derived from you. Even if you are not a prolific content writer, it can be an important element of your content strategy. Creating content that converts has long been a struggle for content writers and bloggers.

But instead of just curating content, I’d suggest a better way.

Are there any reasons why writers read so many books, even those unrelated to their interests or niches? Knowing more about writing helps them improve their skills. They read to gather ideas from other authors.

Writers are not the only ones who do this. In a response to a question about how to become smarter, Warren Buffett said, “I just read all day.” He estimates that he spends 80% of his waking hours reading.

Nonetheless, reading alone will not contribute to your ability to create content your audience will love. It is important to show the results of experiments, research studies, projects, etc. There is more to your content strategy than meets the eye.

Data is all over the place on thousands of pages. What are the best methods for selecting the right data to leverage and expand on?

In order to provide more context to your internet marketing topics, you should start by reading HubSpot’s post about marketing statistics. It’s important to use data and statistics that will interest your audience in your content marketing strategy.

3. Visualize and write for a single person.

How do you read content online? Is it easier for you to read a blog post when you are alone, or are you more likely to call your friends for assistance? There is a good chance you read alone, like most of us.

It is also important to visualize one person as your “targeted reader” when creating content. In this case, that one person represents all your readers.

One quick way to find your voice is to write to one person at a time. You’ll also be able to create more powerful content. The audience will connect better with content written this way since they will feel that the content is written for them.

Writing to one person at a time can change the world and change lives. Creativity is required when writing for the web. You can’t just throw 500 words together and expect people to read them. You must make your blog writing experience personal for your readers by incorporating certain words. There is more power in the words “you” and “because.”.

ViralNomics founder Jonathan Goodman asserts that “because” has the greatest appeal in the English language, while “you” is the key to blogging. Include “you” as part of your content so that you can engage one person with it.

Since people are ultimately seeking fulfillment of their own needs, this word has a lot of power. It might seem hard to believe, but your readers aren’t interested in you. Successes or failures don’t matter to them. Their primary concern is the value you provide.

Content Writing

When you start to provide immense value, readers will naturally become interested in you. People need time to trust you, as I have found out from personal experience. Whenever your readers turn to you in trust, great things will happen automatically. Your online visitors will link to your content, share it on social network sites, recommend your products, and even tell their friends/family about your site.

Put the reader’s needs first. It is always my advice to people to start blogs by themselves, not for themselves. It belongs to the audience you’re trying to reach. They make the rules. They set the pace. You just follow.

Use the word “you” more in your blog posts, videos, ebooks, etc. You will appear more caring if you leave out the words “I” and “me” – that way, you will appear to be interested in readers, not your own pockets. It will amaze you how well it works.

Content Writing

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to writing, that doesn’t mean that every blog post is going to be read and shared. In today’s world, audiences decide what content gets the most attention. Even SEO content doesn’t always win.

So write for them. Forget about yourself. You will be sought out by your audience if you have positively impacted their lives.

4. Include user feedback in your content.

We can gain deep insight into what our customers want from us by using data and analytics.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a direct response from customers or users of your site?

This is the purpose of user feedback.

In order to be persuasive and compelling, content must be relevant. Does your content appeal to the right audience?

Bestsellers don’t write to impress anyone. Writing for the sole purpose of impressing doesn’t work. The purpose of their writing is to bring out their emotions and thoughts, which are based on their deep understanding of their audience.

Your users’ responses, suggestions, and worldviews are reflected in their feedback. During this process, you must pay attention to everyone’s worldview, because everyone has their own.

Users can provide feedback in a number of ways. Whatever the method you choose, you need to collect your audience’s opinion and ask them relevant questions.

You can then use these insights to create better content.

User feedback can be collected in various ways, including:

  • Surveys
  • Feedback boxes/forms
  • Email outreach
  • User activity
  • Usability tests

5. Keep it controversial but back up your opinions.

It’s sometimes good to shake things up by tackling a challenging topic. Bloggers have created controversial posts that have gone viral in the past. You will be made both an angel and a devil for this type of content creation.

More than 240 comments were left on the blog and thousands of shares were made on social media. Additionally, 69 inbound links were generated from authority sites. A link count of 69 means a lot, and can propel your organic ranking to #1.

Your target audience wants to be a part of your idea. Don’t just shout at them and hope they’ll listen. It doesn’t work that way. Despite this, people listen to you when you are controversial, regardless of whether they agree with you or not.

Content Writing

To engage people, you need to grab their attention. By raising a little disagreement with your content, you’ll see huge results. It is important that you support your arguments, however, with accurate sources and data. The first step in getting people to read your content is to draw them to your site.

In case you manage controversial topics poorly, this can backfire and cause traffic to leave your site. That’s something you don’t want to happen.

People will read the content to understand why you recommend the alternatives you suggest instead and why they should consider adopting them.

If you do a great job, you’ll gain fans for life. It is likely that you will lose your online credibility if you fail to deliver value. Having a controversial brand online can make you stand out in a crowded market and improve your reputation.

If you’re going to play the devil’s advocate or create a controversial piece of content from scratch, your facts must be absolutely accurate. Don’t assume all perspectives are valid. Instead, take on both sides. Describe the good and the bad, and explain why you believe one “side” is better than the other.

6. Use visual assets to increase your content’s perceived value.

University of Maryland professor, Michel Wedel, has studied eye-tracking techniques and visual marketing to discover why humans are more receptive to visual marketing than text. Your brain processes visual information with almost 50% of its total energy. Social networks such as Pinterest and Instagram have prospered because they allow the sharing, uploading, and distributing of visual content.

Content Writing

Marketers love images and they are a wise content strategy. It’s interesting to note that your target audience prefers visual content over plain text. You can dramatically increase the perceived value of your content regardless of how experienced you are at visual marketing. Utilize visual assets like infographics, videos, or SlideShare presentations to create content (such as quizzes, surveys, polls).

According to my experience, infographics generate authority links, increase organic traffic, and create greater brand visibility. Infographics continue to be in demand.

You can increase organic traffic and client acquisition with infographics as visual information.


Writing isn’t for everyone. It is probably one of the best ways to achieve your goal to make a difference to the world if you decide to write. Bloggers, content marketers, and authors know the value of well-crafted content. Convertible content isn’t easy to produce. However, you can do it by following these strategies.

You can cement relationships with your best prospects and leads by creating great content. By using content marketing to create awareness for your product, you can achieve the following. Additionally, it needs to be nurtured.

It is not uncommon to read blogs where they say you need to make an impression.Cliche as it may be, but this is true. It is after all difficult to drive organic traffic if you’re not unique, let alone convince clients that you can deliver what they need.

Using these strategies consistently will have a great impact on your audience. Having trouble making sales and building an organic traffic pipeline will be a thing of the past.

Increase Your Outreach With Damex Digital!

As with all things, learning to write content and using them to their fullest takes time. Precious time which you may not have due to other matters regarding your business, family or maybe you wish to use that time to produce more content, whatever the reason maybe. 

The shortage of time has resulted in most people neglecting or completely abandoning the idea of writing high-quality, unique content and optimizing their content. Instead, they either paraphrase content they plagiarize off of the internet or just don’t put in the effort to write high-quality content. They expect the visitors to come to them as long as they put out an article.

That’s a huge mistake. Most people who do this are either complete newcomers to content writing or are not well informed of the strategies to use to write a well rounded content..

You don’t wait for customers to come, you need to be proactive and attract your potential customers.

If you lack the time to write content from the ground up, by yourself, you should hire professionals to do it for you! Damex Digital is a professional digital marketing agency based in Smithers, Canada providing comprehensive solutions to all your digital marketing problems.

With us you get highly-skilled, professional content writers creating and optimizing high-quality content for your website/blog. Leave the SEO and content optimization to us, while you take care of other matters pertaining to your business.

Get higher viewers, more visibility and rank your website/blog on search engines with professional Digital Marketing services by Damex Digital!

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